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Malus Spiritus
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Malus Spiritus
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Malus Spiritus

We are looking for people who want to do small group, team PvP. We are not worried how much experience you have of PvP or how good you are, we just want to have fun as a group. Having said that we do want people who want to PvP, and we will provide a lot of support to make sure this is possible.

MS is an online community that was formed September of 2003 in Neocron and has move to different games over the years. Our general philosophy is to act with respect to our fellow clan members, and everything else flows from that. We have real life meets, cups, t-shirts and a code of conduct to make sure that people act how they should to each other.

What we offer
  • Highly PvP orientated clan.
  • A leadership that is about helping the members, its their job to make sure the members get what they want.
  • The Veto system: If you are a member of MS all new recruits can be vetoed (kicked) by any existing member to make sure that all existing members remain happy.
  • Assistance for newer members with gear and advice.
  • Clan crafters and stocked clan trade system.

What we want from you
  • Respect for other members.
  • Commitment to PvP. We recognize that you need to grind skills and money, but the end goal should always be PvP.
  • Develop your character to meet a minimum PvP skill set and participate in the PvP Ladder.
  • Use of Mumble when ever possible and regular use of the our forums.

If you are interested in joining then contact Julius Dreadking,Darak Mcmalus, Miles Felkin or Cean Ashwalker


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