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New recruits are placed on probation until they are voted in / out by the other members of the clan. Until this time they can be kicked any anytime without notice but any member of the clan by issuing their veto. The general idea is that we are supposed to get ppl we are all happy with and not alienate existing members.

If there is a problem with a recruit we do try avoid it resulting in a veto. It helps to flag any problems you have with new recruits early on so that they can be delt with quickly before they become anoying.

In/Out votes for member will be in the form:
[1] Veto - I don't want this person in the clan
[2] Delay - I have some problems with this person and want to wait and see.
[3] Yes - I'm happy


If anyone votes [1]/[2] this overrides all yes votes.

Votes will start automatically 1 week after a new member is recruited and will continue checked 1 week after.

If there are no delays or veto's when the votes are checked then the recruit will be promoted to member.

All members of the clan are free to vote how they chose.

You will be asked reason why you have vetoed someone but noone will question a sensible answer.

The maximum recruits at one time will be limited to 5 (although we will only count actives). However real life friends will be able to join at any time.

The delay and vetos are only to stop someone that you are not sure about and should not be used unless you are active. When a delay vote is cast it stays there until you change your vote and you will be reminded automatically of this each week. Until you change your vote the recruit is on hold.


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