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Leadership Structure

The clan is lead in such as way that everyones view is important but it is not a democray it a dictatorship. So while the leaders are acting in the best interest of the clan they need to be keep informed what those best interests are by the members. To make sure that happens we will appoint 'Council Members' and have weekly meeting to discuss any issues that they see are becoming a problem.


There are several roles with that clan.

Muppet: Enacts all the leadership decisions, and is generally just a place holder for the 'guild master' title.

Leader: They should look what people want to do in the game and do as much as possible to help them to do it. Decisions are taken in light of what is best for everyone, however mistakes are often made. They are the only people who are able to speak for the clan as a whole.

Commander: They leader the organised clan activities such as instances and pvp. They should aim to be as effective as possible and do have the right to tell people what to do while in their domain. They do not have the right to tell people how they should play the game but explaining how they would do it is allowed. This will most likly split into pve and pvp but will create a chain of command to iron out the 'who will lead it' issues.

Council Member: Several people appointed to listen to people's feeling on what the clan is doing and report back any issues to the leadership. They have no powers to speak for the clan but they can feel safe talking frankly with the leadership. All counciler must be approved by the leadership otherwise it defeats the object. They are required to attend a meeting of all the council + leaders each week.

Herald: They write the news/blog to describe what we are doing and have been doing. All submissions will be vetted to keep the general style and tone but communicating what we are trying to do is essential for old and new members.

Inquisitor: Single person with the responability of getting a situation 'sorted out' if the leaders have been unable to solve it (despite their best efforts). The Inquisitor has no powers until the leaders hand a situation over to him. After that he is free to do anything he choses to bring the situation to a conclusion. (Yes ppl will be removed when this happens but sometimes the leadership are too close to the situation to beable to do this).

Librarian: They are in charge of maintaining library information that we have collected as a guild, such as class guides. The library will be essentially a wiki style interface that lets us store the relevent guild info.


These are given out to people inside the guild to indicate how long and how much they have played with teh group and their level of acceptence.

Elite: A full member with all the responabilies that entails (coming to meets and getting drunk etc

Veteran: Somone who has been with the guild for some time and has been acepted by the majority

Member: Someone who has passed a recruitment poll

Recruit: New can member - if they upset anyone they are out.
If you get passed recruit its quite normal to stay as a member or veteran for a long time. There is no time limit on that as you need to have a very high level of acceptence to become elite. Its not something to be worried over asits only a name.


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