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Game Rules

The general point here is that you treat people with respect but it is a pvp game so we are going to kill them (and that can make ppl unhappy). We will extend these rules as any game progresses to cover anything that comes up.

Talk to everyone in the game with respect (even if they are an arse).
  • This means that you should never 'shit' talk anyone or incite them by what you _say_. If someone is distressed with your actions please point them to someone who is designed to deal with that sort of thing.
Kill anyone you like.
  • Avoid killing people we have declared allies and we will have a full list of these if it bceomes appropriate.Kill people as may times as you like and in any way that they like.
  • It does not matter what they say to you or how much they hate the clan as a reason.
  • If someone is new to the game cut them some slack but some ppl have it coming to them.
Items and Money.
  • People are free to donate items/money to the clan for redistrubtion to other players but this is voluntary and not recorded.
  • You have access to get most items from the clan regardless of your contributions.
  • If we need to distrubute loot from an instance then there will be a point system implemented to share the loot but only for that instance. Such a system will be avoided where possible as it devalues people contributions to the game.
No buying or selling for additional profit within the clan.
  • Sell things for an appropriate price, don't exploit your position
  • You can ask for 'material cost' if someone ask for you to build something.
Organised Clan PvP and PvE. Although everything within the clan is voluntary when you choose to do either organised PvE or PvP with a clan group there are differences.
  • The Commander for the group needs to be assigned before things start so no confusion later on.
  • Anyone can lead but people with that general role can choose to take command at the start.
  • You most follow all orders given by the commander without any questions.
  • You can point out things but you should still follow orders.
  • There is to be no discussion of 'how things should be' or what has happened during the course of an instance or pvp unless the commander invites it.
  • Any problems can be discussed at a later date on the forums or when things are quiet.
  • No one should bad mouth the commander when things fail or don't go the way they want.
  • If there is a problem take it to a leader.
  • You can leave the pvp / pve at any point but please consider others when you do this (don't take up a place in an instance if you know you can not be on long - unless you have discussed that with people before hand).
  • Group PvP Looting: The person who get the killing blow in pvp loots the victim. All other loot is dropped in to the clan bank for splitting between the participants later.


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