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Clan Rules

The clan has been together since September 2003 and these rules have organically been written. They are not written in stone but they do make things work easier. The aim of this section is to educate new members in how we are expected to act as a group and not to hold the rules against existing members.

Internal Rules

The basis of all internal issues is that you should respect other members. If you stick to this you will not have any problems.

Respect other clan members.
  • We are basically just a group of friends playing a game. Please treat other clan members as if they are such.
  • Consider that there are real people behind the characters they are playing and treat them how you would expect to be treated.
Right to express your opinions. Everyone in the clan has the right to express their opinion, however there is a fine line between expressing your opinion and being an annoying twat. So:
  • Avoid saying things that Incites/upsets another member.
  • Never bad mouthing another member behind his back.
  • Avoid arguing with someone for the sake of it.
  • Never speak 'for the clan' (unless you have been asked to) as only leaders can do this.
Play to have Fun. Basically we play to have fun, anything that detracts from this is bad.
  • Please try to avoid spoiling the experience for anyone else.
  • Allow people to play their character as they choose so donít tell someone how to play their account unless they ask for advice.
  • No one should be ordered around (unless they have joined lead pve/pvp).
  • Its not a job even if we are taking what we do very seriously.
You will not be expected to do anything; everything is voluntary.
Complaints and Problems.
  • If you have any problem with another member then report it to a leader and it will be dealt with.
  • Do not try to deal with it yourself because it will not work out well and then drama explodes its difficult to see who is at fault.
  • If you have a problem with the leadership then please say so, but try to frame your post in a posative manner and avoid saying you know best etc.
  • Its best to talk privately with either one of the leaders or someone who is better paced to pass on the issue as this limits the drama factor.
  • In the event that someone is removed from the guild, please understand that there is _always a reason_ even though sometimes it may not obvious at first. Removing someone without a good reason is not acceptable BUT do not demand all the details 10 mins after someone is kicked because its usually the worst time find out. There is generally a long history behind what has happened and it not easy to sum up when 10 people are demanding answers.
All recruits can be vetoed by any existing member (see recruitment).
  • Never question the right of any member to have a recruit removed from the clan. This ensure that we keep the people we have rather than gaining new people and losing old ones.


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